Hello, my name is Maureen.
I am a clinical Hypnotherapist practicing Solution Focused Hypnotherapy online.

I find great satisfaction in helping people understand how our brains work in relation to negative thoughts and anxieties.  There is so much potential for positive change in the way we think and that then changes the way we feel

I trained at CPHT Brighton, I am a member of AfSFH, The Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists, a member of NCH, The National Council for Hypnotherapy and I hold a DBS.

I am originally from the USA and I am now based in East Sussex.

Maureen Bourne,
Clinical Hypnotherapist.

How can
hypnotherapy help?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be greatly beneficial, because it combines powerful solution-focused discussions, followed by a relaxing trance state so that the solutions discussed can then be explored and utilised by the brain for positive benefit.

It is a very pleasant and relaxing experience.

What can hypnotherapy
help with?

Fears and Phobias
Sleep problems
(sports, corporate, stage, etc)
Stopping smoking/vaping
Weight management
And other issues.

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